What happens when practice does not make perfect performance?

The Equestrian Sport is a sophisticated relationship between a horse and rider which demands physical and mental stamina, agility, and soundness in order to move in synchronous strength. All disciplines of horseback riding, however, have their own distinctive, risky, and highly unpredictable relationship between these two athletes leading to injury or poor performance. Through training, conditioning, and biomechanical analysis a comprehensive program can be created for both the equine and equestrian athlete to address optimal training performance.

Restore. Rebuild. Rebound.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is highly trained in the art of Performance Rehabilitation which focuses on improving athletic performance, recovering from injury, and to prevent future injuries. A DPT who specializes in the Equestrian Sports has been trained in common mechanisms of injury, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments for specific injuries encountered in both rider and horse. They have developed the critical reasoning skills to determine what can be utilized from a tool box to facilitate normal movement patterns to help you optimize riding performance.

The Ultimate Goal of Physical Therapy is to Restore Movement

Why is restoring movement important to both horse and rider?
1. Reduces abnormal movement patterns that produce pain while riding.
2. Reduces non-painful movement patterns that may increase risk of repetitive injury.
3. Reduces limited movement patterns that are causing plateaued riding performance.

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