Announcing the Physio Equine Solutions Physical Therapy Clinic

Announcing the Physio Equine Solutions Physical Therapy Clinic! Now, Dr. Shields can have physical therapy sessions with either (or both!) horse and rider at Shields’ Fields Farm in Woodbine, MD. Click to read more about all of the benefits. 

After a long spring of COVID craziness, I’m so excited to announce that the Physio Equine Solutions physical therapy clinic will be opening this August! Previously, PES at Shields’ Fields Farm was only able to offer in-patient physical therapy services for horses. Now, horses and their riders can come to PES at Shields’ Fields Farm to get the treatment they need. Riders can come into my new clinic for manual therapy, strength and flexibility training,  as well as one on one Rider Assessments with your horse. This new center of physical therapy will significantly add to what I can offer my clients. 

At the clinic, you can expect my undivided attention and a relaxed, low-key environment. Shields’ Fields Farm is not a high-traffic lesson and boarding barn, but instead is a rehabilitation barn for in-patient physical therapy cases. There are no lessons going on or boarders asking for attention. You can expect to have the riding ring to yourself during your session. The PES clinic for equestrians is located just up the hill from the barn. As a completely separate room, you’ll have complete privacy during your session. 

What Are The Benefits?

Since I started Physio Equine Solutions, I have prided myself on my ability to meet you and your horse where you are. I’ve been privileged enough to have traveled across Maryland helping horses and their riders reach their performance goals. Unfortunately, that has also meant that all of my physical therapy equipment has had to be mobile. Now, with a permanent clinic, I’m able to offer easy access to all physical therapy equipment and laser therapy services to both horse and rider. 

 When traveling to various other barns, I’ve been able to conduct physical therapy sessions in tack rooms, barn aisles, and in riding arenas. While this does work well, some riders may prefer added privacy. As a separate area located away from the barn, the PES clinic offers the privacy that you need for your physical therapy session.

One of the biggest benefits of the PES clinic is its ability to provide a focused and uninterrupted amount of time just for you and your goals. No longer will we have to pause in reviewing your horse due to lessons going on in your barn arena. At the PES clinic, you and your horse will have the undivided attention, privacy, and focus that you deserve and often need to get to the bottom of your performance issues. 

What Does This Mean For Current Clients?

For my current clients who may not have a means of trailering their horse to the physical therapy center, I’m still more than happy to meet you at the show grounds or at your barn. I will still offer physical therapy services wherever you need them. But, the PES clinic at Shields’ Fields Farm is an additional service available for clients who may desire a more focused environment. Current clients now have the option to come to me, or I can come to you. 

I am also able to customize offerings. For example, a client without a trailer may prefer to have their horse evaluated at their barn, but would like to come to the PES clinic for their own physical therapy session. No matter what you prefer, the PES clinic at Shields’ Fields Farm allows me to offer it to you. 

What About COVID?

The novel coronavirus has greatly changed the way medical offices operate and the PES clinic will be no different. These changes are not going away any time soon, at the very least not until a vaccine is available to the broad population. At the PES clinic, we will be following all CDC guidelines on how to stop the spread of the virus. 

We ask that any parents, guardians, or traveling companions wait outside the clinic during the session. Masks will be worn during each session by all parties. While I will do my best to maintain a 6 foot distance, this is not always feasible due to particular stretching techniques, and the need for hands-on evaluation in some circumstances. 

For my clients who may be immunocompromised or feel uncomfortable, I can also offer physical therapy via telemedicine. A telemedicine session requires a good internet connection and a laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone. I’ve had great success using these methods to help those who may be uncomfortable with in-person sessions. 

I do ask that any client who has been to a high-risk area or who has been in contact with someone with a fever, cough, or any illness refrain from visiting the clinic for two weeks afterwards. 

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

There are several different ways to schedule an appointment. You can reach me by phone at 443-883-0724 or, if you prefer, you can email me at  You can also contact me via my website by clicking “Let’s Talk.” You can even schedule an appointment or consultation directly on my calendar via the contact us page or at:

Space is limited, so reach out as soon as possible to get your physical therapy session scheduled at Shields’ Fields.