Are you strengthening your riding asymmetries?

We all have them, why does it matter?

Our bodies are pretty good at adapting and compensating for our short comings, whether it be long standing pain, short term pain, or just repetitive actions. When the body repeatedly does an improper movement, muscular asymmetries occur. That improper movement, which over time can become so strong, can lead to a cascade of muscular imbalances on and off the horse.

Not to worry, you can correct many asymmetries!

When was the last time you had someone analyze your movement patterns on and off the horse for asymmetries?

If you are not addressing the issues, you are limiting your potential and setting yourself up for injury. Correcting asymmetries should also be addressed before adding strength and conditioning.

The best way to address asymmetries is through a movement analysis to identify muscular imbalances on and off the horse, which allows you to correct the movement pattern to improve performance and prevent future injury. This is why general equestrian exercise programs could potentially make things worse.

Dr. Emily Shields, a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in Equestrian Physical Therapy Assessment, is highly trained to analyze muscle and joint movement mounted and unmounted to pinpoint the cause of asymmetrical movement that can lead to pain or poor performance. After the cause is identified, a comprehensive treatment and corrective exercise program is created to address the issue and to reinforce good movement patterns on and off the horse.

Equestrian Sports demand physical and mental stamina, agility, and soundness of both horse and rider. Are your ready for a thorough biomechanics analysis, and to do the corrective training and conditioning program to be a better partner for your horse?

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