Equestrian Sports Physical Therapy

Equestrian Sport is a fascinating and complex partnership between horse and rider, requiring strength, agility, endurance – both physical and mental. Each discipline presents its own distinct challenges that can make even the best team vulnerable to injury or poor performance. Proper training with biomechanical analysis provides an effective program for equine athletes as well as their riders aiming for peak performance in this thrilling sport of skillful communication!

A Doctor of Physical Therapy is a highly specialized professional with expertise in Performance Rehabilitation, an art dedicated to enhancing athletic abilities and protecting against injury. Those specializing in the sport of equestrianism possess advanced knowledge on common sources and symptoms of injuries that commonly affect both horse and rider. With critical thinking skills honed for decision-making related to treatments, DPTs have perfected their craft: leveraging various techniques from a ‘tool box’ to help improve riding performance as well as prevent future issues!

A Physical Therapist can promote harmony between horse and rider through restoring movement. This helps to decrease painful, repetitive, or stagnant movements which may be keeping them from achieving your best performance in the saddle. By breaking down these barriers, physical therapy opens the door for both partners to reach peak levels of cooperation and success together.

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