Mastering the Art of Equestrian Sport: Training for Optimal Performance

The equestrian sport involves a strong relationship between the horse and the rider, where both must exhibit physical and mental stamina, agility and soundness. However, each discipline of horseback ridingContinue reading “Mastering the Art of Equestrian Sport: Training for Optimal Performance”

Is Class IV Laser Therapy right for you?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a medical therapy that uses light to treat a wide range of conditions. It has been used to help treat arthritis, painful joints, muscle and ligament repair,Continue reading “Is Class IV Laser Therapy right for you?”

Equestrian Sports Physical Therapy

Equestrian Sport is a fascinating and complex partnership between horse and rider, requiring strength, agility, endurance – both physical and mental. Each discipline presents its own distinct challenges that canContinue reading “Equestrian Sports Physical Therapy”

Are you strengthening your riding asymmetries?

We all have them, why does it matter? Our bodies are pretty good at adapting and compensating for our short comings, whether it be long standing pain, short term pain,Continue reading “Are you strengthening your riding asymmetries?”

Does your squat measure up?

Squats are an essential exercise for any equestrian who wants to perform their best, as well as to reduce the risk of injury. A squat is a simple functional movement that can indicate biomechanical issues that will have an effect on rider position. A squat will tell you if your hamstrings, glutes, core, and/or spinal muscles are weak which will cause you to fall forward in the saddle.

5 Ways Proper Breathing Techniques Will Transform Your Ride

Are you breathing with your diaphragm or your intercostal muscles? Do you suffer from chest pain or back aches? You may not be breathing properly. Find out just how that will impact your riding career in this blog by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Why you need a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Riding Instructor

Do you have to choose between a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a riding instructor? You can actually get the biggest benefit by working with both. A Doctor of Physical Therapy is there to help you learn more about you and your horse’s biomechanics, how they may be impacting your riding, and how you can strengthen weak areas to prevent injury and prolong your career.

Unlock the Mystery of Your Hips: How Hip Muscles Impact your Ride

An independent, soft, fluid seat is one of the most sought after attributes of an exceptional horseback rider. If our hip and pelvis stabilizing muscles are not working properly, this becomes nearly impossible.

Head to your equestrian sport physical therapist’s office to find out how you can unlock the mystery of your hips and take your riding to the next level.