Physical Therapy for the Equine

Physical Therapy for the Equine

Is your horse injured or performing poorly?

Dr. Shields can help.

Does Your Horse Struggle With:

Muscle Trigger Point

Post Surgical Care

Tendon & Ligament Disorders

Poor Athletic Performance

Stifle Dysfunction

Traumatic or Surgical Wound Care

How a CERP Can Help

Dr. Shields works in collaboration with your regular veterinarian to create a customized physical therapy program. This may include manual therapy, wound management, muscle/join strength, flexibility and conditioning, stall rest activities, and even laser therapy.

What is a CERP?

A Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner can be a veterinarian, vet technician, physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, or students of these professions that completed a postgraduate certificate course offered by the University of Tennessee. Learn More….

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule your consultation today. We’ll develop the perfect individualized physical therapy program to help your horse reach peak performance.