Physical Therapy for the Equestrian

Physical Therapy for the Equestrian

Treat Yourself Like the Athlete You Are

Does pain, poor posture habits, or inadequate muscle strength, and flexibility stop you from being the best partner for your horse?

Put that all in the past with the help of a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Mobile services available throughout Maryland or at Shields’ Fields in Woodbine, Maryland. Group classes available at request.

Sports Performance Therapy

If you are ready to take your equestrian training to the next next level our strength and stability program provides individualized training and evidenced based solutions to maximize performance and prevent injuries.

Manual Therapy

Hands on skilled physical therapy interventions to improve tissue extensibility, increase joint range of motion, increase relaxation, and decrease pain.

Return to Riding Post-Surgery or Injury

After surgery or injury your biomechanics change. This program focuses on the analysis of abnormal riding biomechanics that may impact comfort and ease when returning to riding. Dr. Shields is knowledgeable in many diagnoses, surgical procedures, understanding mechanisms of injury as well as treatment protocols for physical therapy post surgical care and musculoskeletal injuries.

Return to Riding After Concussion

Riders with concussions may experience one or more of the following symptoms: neck pain, headaches, dizziness, imbalance, visual motion sensitivity, cognitive fatigue, decreased exercise tolerance, irritability, and sleep disturbances. This program includes an assessment of the riders symptoms, physical therapy treatment protocols, and monitoring of symptoms when cleared to ride to achieve optimal functional outcomes.

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