Equestrian Sports Physical Therapy

Equestrian Sport is a fascinating and complex partnership between horse and rider, requiring strength, agility, endurance – both physical and mental. Each discipline presents its own distinct challenges that canContinue reading “Equestrian Sports Physical Therapy”

Are you strengthening your riding asymmetries?

We all have them, why does it matter? Our bodies are pretty good at adapting and compensating for our short comings, whether it be long standing pain, short term pain,Continue reading “Are you strengthening your riding asymmetries?”

Equestrians & The Mobility-Stability Continuum

Equestrians must have complete control over the stability and mobility of their joints in the saddle. In the space of just a few seconds, we must be capable of increasing our stability or soften with more mobility in the joints, particularly the hip.

When your joints aren’t able to support you, your performance can drop significantly and you and your horse suffer as a result.